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Instructor Affiliate Program

Welcome To The IAP!

Our Instructor Affiliate Program, also known as the IAP is the complete solution for instructor management at Respond1st LLC. From instructor training to development and renewal, we've got you covered as an AHA or HSI instructor.

Minimum Candidate Qualifications



Candidates must be 18 years of age or older prior to enrollment in an instructor level course.



Candidate must be certified at the provider level prior to enrollment in instructor level course.



Candidates must be eligible for affiliation with an authorized training site or training center.


IAP Entry Options

Flexibility for all instructor teaching & experience levels

New Instructors & Candidates


If you have considered becoming a Health & Safety Instructor but did not know where to start, we've got a solution for that. Credentialing entry provides all the necessary training and development to get candidates certified as an instructor, aligned with a center and activated as a new instructor. You do the work, we'll take care of the rest!

Pre-Certified Instructors


Are you currently certified as an AHA or HSI instructor but need a new home where you can develop, grow and flourish as the talented Health & Safety educator that you are? We also have a solution for that! Transfer entry provides certified instructors the resources to transfer alignment of your instructorship to our exclusive Instructor Affiliate Program. Terms & Conditions may apply!

Active & High Yield Instructors


This solution is particularly designed for those instructors who produce high level, high yield teaching activities and need additional support or just want a second option for distribution channels.  Choosing the IAP at Respond1st as a secondary alignment provides active instructors with additional resources and an expanded environment to continue their growth while being supported and backed by a dynamic, modernized training site. Terms and Conditions may apply!

Experienced Instructors


Want to be a part of an organization that actually invests in you? Want to take your instructional career to the next level and drive industry change across the region, state and nation? You've picked the right place! Respond1st LLC, at times, hires and retains highly experienced and qualified Instructors, Educators, and Course Directors for various roles within the company.  At this time, Respond1st LLC is not actively recruiting for any open positions.

IAP Interest List

Submission Successful!

Ready to Get Started?!

If you are ready to begin the process of entering our next Instructor Institute or aligning with Respond1st LLC, please fill out the short form to the left. One of our Training Faculty members will contact you and guide you through every step of the process.

Not sure where to begin or which admission type would be best for you?  No worries! Fill out the form and let us do the work for you!

Interested parties should note that if you are interested in becoming a member of our IAP through any method other than credentialing, you must be a current and active certified instructor with an organization we contract with.

Welcome Back Affiliate!

As always, thank you for choosing Respond1st LLC!  Below, you will find links to important resources related to your membership in the IAP.  If you have been admitted into the IAP but need access to our systems, please click HERE to submit an e-access request form to your Faculty Administrator.

Current IAP Instructor Resources

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